Our Teachers


Tutors at Fusion English are all experienced English teachers and are also keen language learners themselves. Our tutors are all interested in the process of learning a language and enjoy researching ways to help students of English be successful in their studies.


    Roger Hayward

RogerRoger has over 15 years experience teaching English, designing curriculm, and developing language programs in Japan, Taiwan and New Zealand. He also has a background in Asian Studies majoring in Chinese language and has travelled to over 35 countries. His experience has given him a strong awareness of the needs and struggles learners often face. Roger is experienced in teaching both adults and children.


    Chris McKenzie

ChrisChris is the IELTS tutor and curriculum designer at Fusion English. Chris has had much experience teaching IELTS and advanced English to students in New Zealand and other countries around the world. Chris believes that language learning should be fun. As a learner of Japanese and Cambodian, Chris knows the difficulties that students face when learning another language and can assist students with strategies to make the language learning process easier.


   Rosalind Hayward




Rosalind has taught English in Taiwan and lived in Japan for three years. She has taught both adults and children. Her cross-cultural and language learning experiences have made her sensitive to the needs of learners.



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