E-Homework Samples

Every lesson at Fusion is different because every student is different.  


We find the best listening, speaking,reading and writing activities on the internet and match them to our students needs.


Read about the example students and see their sample lessons.


General English E-Homework



Emily's E-Homework

Emily only studied English at Junior High.  She can't remember much English but is going to Australia on a three week homestay program.  She wants to improve her listening and speaking.


Satoshi's E-Homework

Satoshi is a 2nd year Junior High School student from Japan.  He would like to improve his speaking and listening  as he is going to study in America in 2011.


Hana's E-Homework


Hana is a university student from Korea. She has studied English in High School but has forgot most of it. She is not confident speaking and listening to English and would like to improve this.



Mei's E-Homework

Mei is from China and uses English as part of her job. She needs to improve her English writing and reading for her job.


Kid's E-Homework


Junko's E-Homework

Junko is 7 has has been studying English for only two months but loves to learn English.


Daichii's E-Homework

Daichi is 10 and has been studying for 4 months. He studies with Fusion twice a week.

IELTS and TOEFL E-Homework



Naomi's E-Homework

Naomi intends to sit the IELTS test in a few months time. She wants to focus on her listening and speaking skills in these lessons


Makoto's E-Homework

Makato intends to sit the TOEFL test next year. He wants a general introduction to the test and especially wants to improve his essay writing skills.



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