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Click here to open your worksheet.

When you have finished, save it and click on the send button.

Follow the instructions on the new page.


Listen to the person ordering food. Answer the questions below.

1. Who is the speaker in the video?


2. Where does she go?


3. Why does she go there?




Listening Quiz. You will here a man and a woman ordering food at a restaurant. Listen to the recording and then answer the questions.

Click here to complete the quiz.




You are going to read a conversation between a waiter and a customer ordering food. Fill in the missing words


Click here to read (and listen to) a dialogue of people ordering food.


What do they order?



Do you have the following restaurants in your country? Write about the restaurants that you like.






Look at the following pictures. What sort of food do the people eat? Prepare to talk with you tutor about this


Chad $1.23 per week

Germany: $500.07 per week

China: $155.06 per week

USA: $341.55

(2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats')



New Words

Here is a list of new words for you to learn. Write a sentence for each new word.

1. Menu


2. Seafood


3. Dessert


4. Bill


5. Fast food


6. Order


7. Restaurant


You are going to watch a Mr. Bean video. What happens in this video?


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