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Click here to open your worksheet.

When you have finished, save it and click on the send button.

Follow the instructions on the new page.



Listen to the podcast and answer the questions below.              



1. What happened to the speaker?


2. What advice was he given?




Click here to listen to a conversation. In the conversation a person called Conrad is sick.


What does Conrad eat when he is sick?




Read the article about the flu and answer the questions


Click here to read an article about the flu. You only need to read the first page. Once you have finished, answer the questions.


Summarise the article. Remember to include all the main points.


Write a paragraph about a time you were sick. Use the questions to help you.

When were you sick?

What type of illness was it?

Did you go to the hospital or doctor?

How did it get better?




Choose 5 words from the article above.

Write a sentence for each new word.














Watch this video about the flu. The speaker talks fast so watch it many times. Answer the question below




What advice is given in this video? Use the recorder in the blue box to answer your question. Listen to your answer, it is clear?


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